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Patients / Guarantors

We are here to help.  Corpra Care understands that Healthcare bills can be confusing, frustrating, and complex.  Rest assured Corpra Care will do everything possible to help you navigate through your healthcare financial challenges.  Questions? call us at 1-800-899-4163 / 281-493-2144

Healthcare News
Federal funds aimed at easing front-line worker burnout, depression

UVA Health Will Wipe Out Tens of Thousands of Lawsuits Against Patients

Despite Covid, Many Wealthy Hospitals Had a Banner Year With Federal Bailout

Operation Child Safe
Parents & Gun Owners

Comprehensive Medical Revenue Management
From Early out / Insurance follow-up though bad debt.  Draw from Corpra Care's 31 plus year experience in medical revenue management.
Experience and competency in Medical collections and balance resolution is what you can expect.
Our representatives are experience in medical revenue collections.  They understand applications of payments, adjustments / discounts from all payer sources within all facility types. For profit / Non profit / Government / Acute / LTAC.
Dispersed Authority
Sensitive projects requires thinking on one's feet and outside the box

1011 Highway Six - South / Ste. 309

Houston, TX. 77077

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