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Frequently Asked Questions


Corpra Care's mission is to collect debts.  The debts refereed to us are as varied in age as well as type or collection efforts. From in-house collections prior to bad debt write off to bad debt write-off and collections.  Corpra Care only accepts medical debt and only balances that can be verified per the FDCPA and the FDRA.  Having medical debts is no-longer unusual and does not indicate irresponsibility on ones' part.  Be assured that you will be treated with dignity and respect.

 01  What happens when my account goes to collections?

We will attempt to initiate contact through mail media and or telephone contact.  Our representatives will always be courteous and informative.  Please do not feel intimated by contacting us.  Having medical debts is not usual, and does not mean one is irresponsible.




 02  Will my account be referred to the Credit Bureau?

Although we do refer unpaid accounts to the credit bureau on behalf of some of our clients, that referral is after all efforts are exhausted.  We will work with the responsible parties to resolve the debt before any remedy is applied.




 03  I received a letter.  What should do?

Call us at 1-800-899-4163.  We are here to assist anyway we can to resolve your bill.



 04  Who can answer my questions?

We can.  Call us at 1-800-899-4163. 




 05  Is there more information on Healthcare?

Yes, some links that you may find informative:

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