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Patient / Guarantor Services


Healthcare Professional Services for the Consumer


Medical Bills and Healthcare Benefits


You’re not alone, Healthcare benefit reimbursement and claim payment is confusing.  Millions of Americans everyday are confounded by providers, healthcare plans and the coordination of benefits.


  • Not sure if your plan paid  your claim  or claims correctly?

  • Not sure that your provider s applied your discounts & adjustments correctly?


Corpra  Care Professional Services can help.  Corpra Care has been providing healthcare professional service for over 28 years.  Our professional services are dedicated to the healthcare industry.  Healthcare benefits and coordination can be confusing and difficult to navigate.  Our healthcare professional representatives can help


Corpra Care will:

  • Help make sense and assist you in understanding your healthcare plan(s) and benefits.

  • Be sure that your claims were paid correctly.

  • That your “out of pocket” expenses are correct and accurate.

  • Explain your EOB’s and or  RA’s


All Healthcare benefit types served


  • Commercial

  • Medicare  enrollment

  • Coordination of benefits and plans

  • Secondary's

Professional services are on a Individual and confidential basis.  Fully Compliant with all  privacy and HIPAA statutes.  Call today for a free consultation

1011 Highway Six – South / Houston TX.  77077 / 281-556-1472

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